Finding the right Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Renovating your kitchens? Don’t just stop at the walls, you need a wholesome makeover and for that you need to paint your cabinets too. Vaughan kitchen cabinets say that there are so many options to choose from these days that you will be spoilt for choice.

Homeowners are going crazy with the color options these days, going for different dark hued tones, bold colors and even unique textures. You can do that too. The entire look of the kitchen will change enormously. You have a lot to do, so you need to check out a few options, here are some;


Green And Red

Before you react to this, you must know that the red that you are choosing that does not have to be a fiery one. Or it can be too if you want it to be. Vaughan kitchen cabinets say that a wood red goes great with olive tones of green. And they are right. It gives a very earthy look and feel to the kitchen and if you are into that you can definitely try this option.

Vaughan kitchen cabinet

Shades Of Blue

These are very neutral options but are also very soothing. However some of them can be really electric, you can actually use both. Make a combination of a striking bolder blue with a soothing airy, breezy blue. Vaughan kitchen cabinets say that this can actually look very unique, especially if you have light colored walls, this can be extremely soothing for the eyes.

Orange-Gray Combo

Gray is a color that spells sophistication with a capital S. grey looks elegant and calming. A good way to balance that out is by using it with orange. You can paint your walls a shade of gray while you use a wooden or burnt orange shade for the cabinets or you can go the other way round. Anyhow this is bound to look striking according to Vaughan kitchen cabinets. This is a classic combination and much sought after. So you can opt for this too and make your kitchen appear unique and beautiful.

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Blue And Yellow

This is bound to make your kitchen look super striking and you will be much impressed by the results. Blue looks absolutely stunning with yellow. But it is better to paint your walls yellow, while keeping your cabinets blue. However you can also go the other way round, but if you do that then it is better to choose a tone of yellow that is muted. You can also squeeze in another color if you want like gray maybe. Gray goes with just about everything. Textures are also nice. You can go for yellow and gray textured walls, and choose a darker shade of blue for the cabinets. That will make your kitchen stand out from your neighbors and you cannot deny that it is a pleasant idea.

Vaughan kitchen cabinets will bring you all of these options and more, and you will get a wide range of color choices. Catalogues filled with up and coming trends in both colors and designs will also be made available. So contact them now and book your appointment. For more information click here!

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